What We Do



Months of planning, preparation, and anticipation will come down to one day, the wedding day.  There are so many different forms of happiness, joy, and relief.  And it is our job to capture it all in a form where the story is timelessly re-told without explanation.  There is no such thing as "just a wedding."  So how do we do it?  By paying attention.  Being on one accord with the bride and groom so we aren't just waiting for moments to happen, we create the moment.  You can also use us to plan your entire wedding - DJ, Coordinator, Decor, and Entertainment! We offer multiple packages for all-day film services, and one universal photography package.  Our packages are fully customizable to suit your needs. 

Oscar and Joana Giles (Shot by Amber)

Oscar and Joana Giles (Shot by Amber)


When you hire us to create for your brand or purpose, your brand and purpose becomes ours.  Which is why we offer additional marketing services to not only make sure your brand is properly represented, but people see it.  You can count on us to increase your sales and broaden your reach!  Our commercial projects are based on your budget, so contact us today for a free consultation!

-Short Films/Music Videos

From DP to Director, we want to help bring your vision to life.  We also have access to almost any professional grade equipment you will need for your film.  As well as make-up artists These projects also are priced based on budgets, contact us today for a free consultation!

Shawnundre (Rapper)

Shawnundre (Rapper)



Imagine accurately summarizing a 500 page book, using only one page...and one sentence.  This is the essence of photography, without the use of words at all.  We do not capture moments, we create them!  Join us for a photoshoot in-studio or on location.  We offer very simple pricing on our photography, and we offer prints, digital downloads, and photobooks!


Editing/Graphic design/Animation

Have footage, but do not know how to edit it?  Or do you need a logo? We have a few years experience with these professional grade editing systems:

-Premiere Pro                                -Illustrator                            -Photoshop

-After Effects                                 -Audition                             -Lightroom

We understand that there is no one program that does it all, so we dedicate hours a week towards training on these ever-evolving systems.